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Thank you for the demo!

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This demo needs a lot of work and shouldn't have been released in this state imo. Some paths need to be "opened" like doors to traverse. Doors only open when you're in front of them. The church(?) door is open but you can't enter. There's a ladder to nowhere. There seems to be no way to complete the demo.


i have explored all the map (i think) and my room is STILL not ready 

it has a really cool and original character design but overall i like it i love that they all have huge boobs.

I like it so far, when do you plan to release the next update?

Im in college but Im working on day one on and off, really depends when i have free time, but im gonna add alot more nsfw animations

I like your artstyle a lot. Wondering what there is to do in here. I think I've seen everything, but not sure if the room is supposed to be ready yet.

the story is gonna be in the next update, there are secret you can find 3 pictures and 2 videos

Please fix your map transitions; a 2-wide road leading out of one screen should lead to a 2-wide road on the next screen. This sometimes leads to a case where you click to move, and you instead move to an adjacent "door" tile and go back to the previous screen instead of into the room where you want to be (e.g. when you go right from the hotel, and can see the casino, clicking at the path to the woods at the bottom will take you back to the hotel!).  Also, the fade-in/fade-out when moving between subrooms in the hotel is really annoying,

The woods below the casino also have a bug where you can go left/right from where you start.

yeah that's annoying, This is my second go about with rpg maker so I'm learning on the fly. i'll fix those issue's, thank you for bring them up!

can u add a download

That's in the works! once i have a more substantial demo ill have a proper exe file for people to download.